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Aprl 6 2020 4pm to ??pm EST(NY) The Great Sphinx of Giza StoneHedge and The Mysterious Egypt Pyramids With soulflyer2523
This Stream Due To Many Topics And Information On Each May Take Over The Average 2 Hours Possibly 3 Hours

So, 12,500 years ago, there were no 'civilised human society'
on the planet? Open your bloody eyes and look at the proof.
Man has been here a lot longer than the history books (which
are getting re-written
constantly because of new discoveries) than what we are led to believe

It's not really fair to say "it's not exact" where the Sun Rises.
Since back when Stonehenge was created, the tilt of the earth's axis
was different than it is today, so it was probably was exact.

Some archeologists have noticed that the human head of the Great
Sphinx of Giza is too small for it's lion body.
One theory is that the sphinx was originally not a sphinx at all
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