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Machinima director/producer (beginner) and expressing myself on this way, I just love what I do!!! spyVspy aeon it is only an extension of my real personality. Pooky Amsterdam review - "The ability to tell a story and express a feeling is a challenge in any medium, whether around a campfire or with a budget of $100 million. Being able to reach people where they live, with what they identify, and being able to move them along through this new genre is an incredible skill that not all can manage. To be able to do so with the entire film industry at your beck & call is difficult in and of itself. To be able to do this you must be an incredibly talented individual at the helm of your own productions, SpyvSpy Aoen is a remarkable talent, who is doing this. He understands the medium of Machinima and in a world of a lot of fraps programs being turned on, not everyone can generate the truly authentic and meaningful video which Spy can. I am very proud to be included in this, and appreciate fully his level of commitment to real film making and all that this entails, including character, plot and story. He films so beautifully and magically, allowing the events to unfold themselves but against a background which really makes for a powerful visual experience. SpyvSpy connects us, I look forward to every film he makes, and know that this site as well as the industry we are all working so hard in, will achieve greatness and recognition."

Here my blog about my works http://yourmachinima.blogspot.pt