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I'm a
Son,Brother,Father,Husband,Friend,Damaged Back, Still Hopeful, MMP,
Living Life to the Fullest, Fishing, TikTok, IT,
OG Gamer, Poor, Mental Health, Warehouse Worker, Volunteer FireFighter, GED,
Fire Academy Grad, Disabled Now
Most Importantly having fun

Yes There's Chat Rules
You probably are already respectful
There are still Trolls in this world that must be told what to do,
They are also the reason for Police

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say in chat may be used against you,
in a timeout, or even a ban in the eyes of chat law.
You have the right to talk to a mod for advice before we ask you any questions. You have the right to have a mod with you during questioning.
If you cannot abide by the rules, no one will be appointed for you before any ban.
By Chatting You Fully Understand These Rules
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Live notifications
I will be using Twitter for Live notifications but also leaving gaming updates
Make sure to follow for real life interactions when not Streaming
I have a server on Discord
Come check it out,
Don't be afraid to join it as I will use it for one on one help with any streaming or gaming issues
This section is for all the frequently asked questions
Will be filled in as the weeks go on
Got a question? Ask away