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I am an avid gamer, but I am very bad at most things. But hey it's just for the fun of it (yeah right)! You can watch me playing badly and dying quickly on my fav games. I play to help me focus my mind. I have suffered from depression and anxiety since 1999 and I find gaming helps at times. I support mental health charities and initiatives like 'In Music We Trust'.

My aim is to create a fun and encompassing community of gamers. I will offer my support and love where needed.

RESPECT - Is something all members of the gaming community should always show to each other, no matter of age, gender, sexuality or race. Always do what you're happy at doing and, always believe in yourself and be what you want to be.

I am an Xbox ambassador and I am working towards being a Mixer partner. So you can help me along my way, just come in and enjoy my stream.

I am a proud member of #TeamSU

"Are you a streamer and looking for a Supportive Discord to Support, Network, Collaborate & share? You are invited to join our new cmtys Discord bit.ly/2EC1ahi , You are all welcome we hope to see you on there, You can Self Promote also. Much Love #TeamSU"

Replays are now also available on my Facebook page and on Youtube, see the links on the left <--

New tips system! You can support me for free by dropping a short message via loots, when I am live at https://loots.com/tattbear ! THANKS! <3


I rarely do any like4like, follow4follow stuff. This rarely helps in building a good gaming or viewer network. It is also rare that I will play with people unless I know you already. The only acceptions to this are ::

1. You are an active member of #TeamSU.

2. I have interacted with you over a period of time and I have seen your streams etc.

Getting to know people is the way to go, spread a kind word and chat and, you never know what will happen! This helps build great relationships and gives you a higher quality network.

So don't be the one that asks, check out rule 4.

If you are a member of #teeamsu and I don't follow back please DM me in the #teamsu discord.


2. Spamming, flooding, trolling, roasting, racism, sexism and any form of prejudice will not be tolerated.

3. NO religious or political talk. This is a place to relax!

4. NO self-promotion.

5. RESPECT yourself and others.

My stream is a bit of fun, so be civil to me and my viewers. You can come and see how bad I play. You may comment and give me advice, which I always like. But beware I don't suffer fools to gladly, break my rules and you are out of here, FOR GOOD!

So come on in, relax and enjoy me making a fool of myself! If you are lucky you may see my cats too. See always giving! :)


** My current schedule is suspended while I tweak and re-create my channel graphics. New themed days will begin soon. Please follow on Mixer and Twitter to keep updated! **




Thursday (new) Throwback Thursday (or 8-bit heaven!) -- TBC


Saturday (new) Featured Game Weekend Grind -- TBC

Sunday (new) Featured Game Weekend Grind -- TBC

All times are in GMT. Even though I try to stick to these times sometimes life gets in the way! So please follow on Mixer or Twitter to have notifications when I go live or if I need to change my schedule.


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But if you want to make an old bear happy, why not donate to my fund. 50% goes to Four Paws and the rest goes into my happy fund (to make this stream even better). Click here to donate!

All donations are now handled by Paypal, you can also choose where your donation goes. To donate click the link above or scan in the QR code below. Thanks xx

Donations are non-refundable. ** Please be financially responsible and only donate if you can afford it. **


Xbox One X


16 GB RAM - i7-7700 - 1TB + 250GB SSD

GTX 1060 + 6GB

Elgato Stream Deck

Elgato HD60 Pro

Marantz Pro Mic

Broadcasting @ 1080p 60fps


Mix It Up

Music via Bass Rebels - Check Them Out Here!

All images I use on my stream are copyright free and are available via Pixaby and Giphy.

Affiliations - I am affiliated with various brands. If you click an affiliate link and purchase a product, you will pay exactly the same price you would normally pay, but I will receive a small commission. This commission helps in two ways, firstly 50% is donated to FourPaws and secondly, the remaining 50% is used to improve my streams.

Have You Really Read This Far? Thank You!