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Streamer is offline
-Don´t ask for Moderator.
-Don´t ask me to open the Chest.
-Don´t swear.
-Keep the Chat Positive.
-Don´t post Links.
-Don´t Advertise your own or others
-Don´t post anything NSFW.
Breaking one of those Rules results in a Mute or Ban, Depending on the Rule.
I stream from time to time.
The Streams are 1-2 hours long.
About me:
I´m new to Streaming. I play games I feel like streaming.
Im from Germany but speak English (AE) most of the time.
I won´t use a Facecam or Mic. during streams.
My PC is kinda bad and I´m to lazy to order a better one so expect mild lag with Resource Intense Games.