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Welcome to Super Ace Gamer Live
Welcome to Super Ace Gamer Live! A stream series where I will back log tons of games from Metroidvanias, platrorms, JRPGs, and games that are new, obscure, and people familiar with.
Who's this lovely sexy lass?
Carrie Kickmore is a character I created who is a homage to my favorite characters of games and cartoons (Futura from the Filmation's Ghostbusters, Blaze Fielding from Streets of Rage, Popful Mail, Vambre Warrior from Mighty Magiswords), she's a martial artist, a fem fatale, and sometimes a cock-tease. Always gets into perils but manage to escape and holds her ground.
Schedule will be made once I will be established.
Games I've Aced on DLive
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