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Welcome to my channel. I'm in my 30s and live in Texas.

I missed out on multiple console generations growing up. I'm currently fixing that and am looking to provide you with entertainment. Come stay awhile and laugh, cry, whatever while I explore various games with you. I also am a member of the Retroachievements community and often will be doing dev stuff on the stream.
This stream is pretty laid back most of the time, but I do have some rules for interacting here.

* Don't be a total jerk. If you must ask what that means, you might need to reevaluate your interactions here.

* If I don't ask for help with a game, please ask if I need help before giving advice. I love assistance but also like to figure out games on my own when able.

* Keep personal advertising to a minimum. That means don't come to my stream to say "Hey, I'm live now" or "Please check out X I made" when you are still a new member of the community.

* I reserve the right to run my stream however I like and change these rules as needed
Monday-Friday - 11am - 3+pm CST
Currently Playing:
NES Classic Series - The Legend of Zelda (GBA)

Currently Developing and Hacking on:
Dicing Knight Period (Wonderswan Color)
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All achievements for my retro gaming provided by . Click the link above to see what all I have completed and what sets I have contributed to.