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Ahoy! TheCoinCaptain is a live-streaming Spirited Adventurer, Coin Collector (Numismatist), Gold & Silver Enthusiast, Historian, and Treasure Hunting Pirate. Come aboard the ship and join the crew while we search for treasure by hunting rolls of coins, and chat about numismatics, bullion, history, success, wealth, self-improvement, economics, investing, travel, rum and much much more! Click the CoinCaptain icon above to link to my website.
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The Coin Captain
P.O. Box 615
Maple Valley, WA 98038
The Coin Captain is NOT a financial advisor, accountant, or attorney. Any information provided on this stream or his website or via emails is not intended as investment or financial advice. It is merely
information presented of a general nature and should be used as a place to start your own research and you should conduct your own due diligence. You should seek professional investment or financial advice before making any financial decisions.

Washington DC
Providence, RI
Philadelphia, PA

Past IRL streams:
Seattle, WA
New York, NY
Burbank/Hollywood, CA
Tampa, FL
Albuquerque, NM
Minneapolis, MN
Oklahoma City, OK
All times shown USA-Pacific (Seattle Time)
Sunday - Random Streaming
Monday - 11:59pm The Trilogy Show
Tues-Fri - Random Streaming
Saturday - 10pm Silver Saturday
Earn DOUBLOONS by chatting!
(Subscribers earn doubloons at triple the normal rate!)

Free commands:

!8ball (yes or no type question)
!dice # - random number generator
!uptime - stream length

Spend doubloons on these commands:

!abandonhope - 40 doubloons
!ahoy - 15 doubloons
!allhands - 25 doubloons
!bestpirate - 25 doubloons
!birthday - 25 doubloons
!brig - 25 doubloons
!coinsplosion - 25 doubloons
!davyjones - 40 doubloons
!deadmen - 40 doubloons
!floydmoney - 25 doubloons
!fullbore - 25 doubloons
!gotjokes - 15 doubloons
!heaveho - 15 doubloons
!howdycap - 25 doubloons
!landho - 15 doubloons
!letsgo - 50 doubloons
!mateys - 15 doubloons
!money - 25 doubloons
!pirates - 15 doubloons
!pirateslife - 15 doubloons
!plank - 25 doubloons
!scallywag - 15 doubloons
!scurvydog - 25 doubloons
!seagulls - 40 doubloons
!seapirates - 30 doubloons
!starboard -15 doubloons
!thankyoucap - 40 doubloons
!timbers - 30 doubloons
!whammy - 25 doubloons

Subscriber Only:
!cannons - 30 doubloons
!hooker - 25 doubloons
!silverandgold - 50 doubloons
!rum - 200 doubloons

User specific commands:
BKJohnsen - !BK - 25 doubloons
Gil_P - !GIL - 25 doubloons
SookieSmakhosue - !seadog - 25 doubloons

NOTE: There are 20 second cooldowns for the 15 doubloon commands, 30 second cooldowns for the 25 doubloon commands, 45 second cooldowns for the 30 doubloon commands, and 60 second cooldowns for the 40 and 50 doubloon commands.
Longest Stream : 13 hours 43 minutes (06Mar2021)
Highest Viewer Count: 168 (22May2021)
Oldest US 1c Found Live: 1929-P (02Dec2020)
Oldest CA 1c Found Live : 1942 (11Feb2021)
Oldest US 5c Found Live: 1936-D (23Apr2021)
Oldest CA 5c Found Live: 1986 (12Feb2021)
Oldest 10c Found Live: 1965
Oldest 25c Found Live: 1943-S (17Mar2021)
Oldest 50c Found Live: 1949 Benji (27Jun2021)
1st Subscriber: netTV
Affiliate Awarded: 19 Feb 2021
Drink Spill Count: 5 (Last spill on 13Apr2021)

(Extra giveaway every time we beat a record!)

- Build an interactive community
- Bring newcomers into the coin collecting hobby
- Teach others and learn from you
- Support the DLive platform and DLive streamers
- Have fun!
TheCoinCaptain does nightly numismatic giveaways. To participate you should understand at least these basics:

1. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter and there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY, GIVEAWAY IS VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.
2. You have 36 hours from the time the winner is declared to claim your prize by submitting your DLive screen name and a mailing address for shipping via email or private Discord message to TheCoinCaptain. Failure to claim prizes within the 36 hour window results in the forfeiture of the awarded prize.
3. By choosing to enter the giveaway you are agreeing that your DLive screenname will appear on the publicly available spreadsheet of winners.

When the giveaway begins simply type "!enter" into the chat and the chatbot will respond to you letting you know that your entry has been recorded.

Full Terms and Conditions:

Winner/Wiener 🌭 Spreadsheet:
Streaming Monday Nights @ 23:59 Pacific/Seattle
Trilogy is : BK_Johnsen, Gil_P, and TheCoinCaptain
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