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- I don't know man guess we're all kinda figuring that one out ;p

- Honestly though, I'm 19, a college student-ish and just trying to get by and promote a little more happiness to your day; so smile and enjoy the show.

- Content on Youtube atm will be random cause idk what to do yet
General Rules:
- Don't shame people for choosing their life choices.
- Attempt to follow Twitch Guidelines.
- Spam must be kept at minimal
- Friendly banter and some discussions (like debates) are allowed within context of what's happening on stream.
- Don't act overly childish in the chat, you know what I mean.
**Specific Rules Non-Negotiable:**
- Most topics are open for discussion, if I say I won't talk about a certain topic please respect that.
- Please respect everyone's right to an opinion and position on any given subject/topic.
- Do not try to force your idea's onto someone else.
- Expect randomness as I am random in many ways.

- I will try to keep content flexible as to what I play and make it manageable to engage with the community

- Content will be in relation to chat and in-game individuals contributing to stream.

- Censorship: I try to be open about what I censor and I will try my best to censor only what is necessary.
Youtube account is individualized content that might be different than what's on here due to guidelines or my personal preference.
Youtube - (Click social button)
- My profile character is not my own content and can be credited to: Yuu Kamiya due to the character coming from a scene in No Game No Life (Aka an anime).

- Information of music regarding followers, subscribers, donations, and bits. Are credited below and are not my music:
-- In Progress

- Intermission (will be updated if changes are made):