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Now, to introduce myself. I'm webster_Games and at the time of writing this, i'm a DLive Guardian. I want to help you guys all i can. I'm a friendly face and will always give you a chance, but only one so don't waste it.

Ladies and gents, as I believe a few of you are aware, I'm currently streaming via a laptop that doesn't work and have no way of playing games anymore, all I can do right now on stream is play some of that funky bass grooves and learn some of that language called dutch. I do, however, want to get back playing games and to do that, your help is much appreciated. I've got two ways you can help with the project monetarily.

1:Donate using https://webstergames.live/

2:Donate using Lemons on DLive.tv/webster_Games

Your help is appreciated. Not required! <3
Help me get my pc, by feeding me!
TreatStream! Help me by giving me food!
Now a proud member of WARBOARDGAMING

Want to get yourself some amazing coffee? Specifically for gamers, and help me out in the process!? Well if you follow this link you can get some bloody awesome coffee by the amazing peeps over at gamer grind! https://www.gamergrind.co/?partner=webster_games My favorite is Columbian Kill streak
Huge personal thanks to:
I want to thank all you crazy peeps. You've made my time on DLive so much better knowing i've got friends. Knowing i've got a family here. I can't write how much it means to me to know i've got people to count on when it gets rough.
I'm proud to announce, I have the official Webster_Games website open for business! :D If you wish to check out my new website with all new features, please come along! We have merch, we have twitter and we have so much more to come in the future! Click on the image above or follow this link to see: https://webstergames.live/
When you're coming in here i have a few basic rules:

1: If i tell you to stop something, STOP. I don't want to ask twice.
2: If you break any of the ToS or Community Guidelines in my chat you will be banned from my channel
3: Swearing is okay, but racial slurs or preaching anything i will not allow
4: DO NOT ask for the chest. Please. Just don't. I open it when i see it's got LINO. I personally don't care about the chest and will only open it if i feel like it.
Legal stuff
i accept responsibility for all my actions and can and will be held accountable for anything that happens on my streams.

I do NOT own the rights to the music i play and if a DMCA take down notice is received please inform me and i will amend with immidiate actions. If not, i will do so as quickly as i possibly can.

I can not be held responsible for what anyone does outside of my stream and do not hold any responsibility on your actions.

I do not condone drinking or underage drinking and if you drink please drink at your own risk.