Streamer is offline
This corner of the interwebz is where you will find Whitz3nd Gaming. I aim to share with you random puns, bantering, heckling, and off the wall commentary during my game play. So please stop on by, take a load off and say hello! I look forward to your visit!
Swing on by my discord channel. I am still working on it but it is up! I look forward to hanging out with you all!

You can find me also with my own little gaming corner on the "The Book of Faces"

I will be trying to post here more, so follow me to get my arse more motivation! ROFL.
Yep, stream here too! You can find all video's and archives here!
I will be streaming generally on Monday, Wednesdays and every other Friday ( I am in a DnD campaign on the Fridays I will not be streaming) from 7pm to 10pm. And at random times on the weekends!