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Hello and welcome to the official willyrin livestream! :D If you're new please say “Hello” in the chat and if I'm a little busy please excuse me, but I want to welcome you with my own voice! What I'd like to do is build a community here on DLive, and if you'd like to be a part of it, all I ask is that you tune in for at least ONE MINUTE, Every Day! :D (It helps keep the Doctor away, or so I’m told…)
1. Don't be a dingus! (I’ll be monitoring the chat, but this is pretty self explanatory :D)
2. Do not post links that I do not approve of. (“May I post a link etc.?” ^^)
3. No self-advertisements / promotions / "Follow Backs" unless I approve of it. (I would think this is common sense but I guess I need a rule for it :shrug:)
4. No politics/sensitive topics! (Unless allowed of course! This rule is more for myself… *Cough Cough May 24 Hour Stream*)
5. No spamming of any kind, links, emotes, messages, ANY KIND. (Again, unless allowed :P)
6. Do not ask me to open the chest because I NEVER plan on EVER opening it. (Bye Bye Chest Diggers)
7. No backseat gaming (this includes being "helpful" and providing "information/data")
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ABOUT ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am a 20 year old guy that’s working towards making my many dreams become reality, I want to show the whole world that you can do it too! Follow and support me for a grand adventure! If you would like more details or information on who I am and what I want to become just watch my videos or ask! Thanks again, and enjoy the stream! :D

My plan with the game I play: League of Legends, is to take NA’s #1 spot in the Ranked ladder and make it to at least Diamond 1.

According to Riot: “2.4. Solo Queue Ranking Requirement All Players on the Full Team Roster (as that term is defined herein) must have held a peak solo queue ranking within the last year of Diamond 1 or above.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ABOUT ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY ACCOUNTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You'll be seeing me shuffling games across 30+ different accounts in North America (NA);
(Use these two sites to check me out: http://na.op.gg/ | https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/ )
willyrin (Main); Rustyscrub (Alt); Willys Twitch (Alt); Majaw (Alt); Keosovatra W Rin (Alt); WillyJungleChick (Alt); YukiRinCross (Alt); Willys Draven (Alt); +16 (Alts); +? (Alts)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY ACCOUNTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
FAQ's! :D
1. What’s your purpose for streaming?
Answer: I'm here to amaze/inspire/drive. I'm not here to entertain/please/satisfy.
2. Why are you quiet?
Answer: Success is a very quiet process. (I’m usually just focused on something else or no one is typing to me in the chat :P)
3. Schedule?
Answer: Varies, but I’ll focus on streaming towards the evening. The stream will likely start at around 5 pm EST and end around 1 to 2 am; you can expect me to stream on Mon-Sat. Subject to change. I make my own schedule.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAIR USE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
All songs, audio, video and visuals are used under "fair use." I am using the content for educational purposes and with no intent to make money on the content or claim it as my own. All of it is used to further establish the points I am making during my live stream. If at all in the future I choose to take the content down, I will make the videos Private.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of ~fair use.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAIR USE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Check me out on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/c/willyrinofficial
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY SOCIALS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY SOCIALS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. !uptime - See how long I've been streaming.
Currently I'm on the journey becoming self-sufficient and fully independent. This means that I’m working on building up my assets and pushing into becoming a Business Owner and Investor. If you would like to see any of my publicly available financial information, I’d be glad to fill you in!

Financial Goals (Just Predictions/Subject to Change):
1. Goal of $10 Million; Buy House for Family, Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift (Early Retirement for Life)
2. Goal of $10 Million; This is for myself to buy a lot and build my own house, looking at about 10-20 Acres, 10 Acres for a Solar Farm and the other 10 for whatever I want (a House, Indoor Basketball Court, Indoor Pool, etc). I also plan on getting a car (which I’ll buy a lot earlier of course) and other things I earned.
3. Goal of $130 Million; This is for me to purchase a slot in the LCS and build my own ESports Team / Organization, I’m sticking with naming it CyanVolts (I have another name in secret though) and if I had to pick a mascot or thing, it would be Pirates or something similar. I plan on being a Player/Captain/Owner of my own team. (Lots of info on this, just ask!)
4. Goal of Becoming the World’s Richest Man; This is just to show to everyone that anything is possible. Plus, I believe “Money” in our world is a form of power that we can learn how to wield, similar to “Chakra” or “Nen” or “Ki.”
My focus is working on myself so that I can eventually take care of this whole world. I believe in “Inside Out” as touched upon by Stephen Covey in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”
1. Physically; Becoming an NBA Level and Above Athlete, this means investing a lot of time into shaping up my body, eating healthy and a lot of self-care.
2. Emotionally; Learning to master my emotions, knowing how to let them flow naturally and not fall victim to “Emotional Thinking.”
3. Mentally; Continuously challenging my mind by doing rigorous tasks that require a lot of mental effort in order to not break. Who knows when someone in my family might pass away for example, I have to be the shoulder that everyone can lean on, even through the tough times.
4. Spiritually; Learning about myself spiritually, especially understanding chakras (A:tLA). Studying more of the teachings from Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.
5. Intellectually; Focus on “reading” everyday, constantly expanding my knowledge of things I don’t know about, or things I need to continue absorbing information about.
6. Intimately; Focus on my personal relationships and enjoy my time fishing!
7. Socially; Continue to hone my social skills, seek ways to better my social interactions with others and continue to be myself as always.
8. Financially; Already mentioned in another section, but ultimately become self-sufficient without having to rely on anyone at all. I must be financially strong and mature so that I truly be the husband/father/grand/greatgp I’m meant to be.
This is a list I'll write of all of my regular viewers who stop by my stream and the order in which they are listed hold no significance but I will try to keep their month and year of origin (hence this section is for my personal use):

1. ARYANTHEBRO (May 2020)
2. NeonArtist (? ????)
3. Amrit (? ????)
4. Sipthium (? ????)
5. TheRewriter (May 2020)
6. Slapiedoen (May 2020)
7. Thrapple (Long Time)
8. Kelpo (Long Time)
1. Bkip (? ????)
2. Zizuke (May 2020)
3. deeznuts44 (May 2020)
4. okilsyr2 (7/1/20 12:42 AM EST, Aero Spark?)

1. Shawn1234 (May 2020); For taking offense too hard and not learning to let go and move on. (Refer to VOD with a 4 letter acronym that starts with an A and ends with a B)