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Hello' And welcome to my channel I go by the name ......Rattlehead...... streams will begin the week after the new year 2020 thank you so much for your patience
I am new here on Dlive and I love gaming and music I have been gaming for just about my entire life my mother use to work on chip sets for atari 2600 Cartridges for a small firm in Dayton Ohio called (cerz cash) back in the mid 70's that's where and when I received my first console at a very young age, and it just intrigued me so much i continued to game and enjoy others content as well. me and all my friends would have competitions on centipede and pac man back in those days in a small arcade named Crazy Cats in Kettering OH, and we loved it so much we still continue to play every now and then. I also compete with a Call Of Duty clan called the EVIL clan when we have time in our busy family lives. I also enjoy playing the guitar and making music as well as recording my own in my spare time. I enjoy getting to know new people and content creators more than most individuals watch national television. I like to be supportive as much as i can because i know how hard it is to keep a great community together and how much hard work is involved in creating content for just about everyone to enjoy and interact with. I like positive vibes and the joy of new and exciting content I also like to have a great time and let others be themselves as much as possible I mean what better place to be than somewhere you can relax and just let yourself go' i know we all have our own type of way and I encourage it with open arms just don't get to out of hand ..lol let's do this' Game on.......