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Hey welcome to the stream my name is pointman ( It may be displayed differently throughout the internet or consoles but the pointman always remains the same ) and i'm currently 25. Im new to streaming but I have always loved playing video games and thought I could just do this for fun. I like playing several different types of games old and new. Also feel free to talk to me and even try to help me improve it would help a lot. If there is ever co-op play and you wanna join you will need to be a follower to do so. If you like what you see please FOLLOW it would mean a lot to me thanks!

If you wanna collab or just want to get into contact with me you can email me at xXpointman4444Xx@gmail.com !

All art have been done by
•Be nice and respectful in chat

•Do not ask for my name ill never tell!

•No spamming

•Don't Talk about hacks/etc

•No trolling

•no racism, sexism, or mean behavior


•Respect the mods
The Current Games that i will stream in order to finish them are:

Legend of zelda link's awakening
Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Luigi's mansion
Steam - xXpointmanXx

Psn name-pointman4444

minecraft - pointman4444

XBOX - Pointman4444
I may stream randomly or starting between 5pm-12am. I will post my schedule here when i am able to create one!
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This here is my newly created discord so if you enjoy the channel dont forget to come over and hang out.

Bare with me tho its SUPER new so im still adding things enjoy!
This is my YouTube channel that I will be posting videos on frequently. If you like feel free to check it out and don't forget to like, follow, and subscribe ;)
This is also my Twitter page I usually post on this pretty often and will sometime post streams when I plan on doing them so don't forget to check it out and follow so you can keep up. :P
If you wanna help support the channel it would be much appreciated. With donation i could do so much more for the channel such as giveaways and rewards you guys are amazing!
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Wanna send me a message during a stream and help me out at the same time CLICK THE LINK ABOVE! ^_^