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So, why are you here?
Basically, Twatch is being Twatch for the moment and there's really nothing that can be done about it. Hell, can't even watch streams right now because of the sheer volume of ads they shove down your throat. I guess prioritizing and paying out to stream sluts and softcore camwhores wasn't so good for business after all, eh?
What do you stream?
Honestly, anything and everything. Depending on the day, I might tinker around with scripting or modding, or I might just stream random gameplay. I'm rather fond of older games but will also stream something modern if it's terrible and soul-sucking. Why? Well, the sadists need something to watch too, right?
Okay, well, WHEN do you stream?
Since I never really got into streaming, I don't really have an audience. Because of this, I never bothered to create a set schedule. This could change depending both on what I'm streaming regularly and whether or not I'm able to actually find a job.
Finally, what are your "general guidelines"?
It's very simple: don't rock the boat. I may or may not talk a lot, I may or may not play various bits of music, and I might stream shit that you won't like. However, that being said, I really give not a single fuck as to what you say while you're here. I can and will talk about anything that comes up or comes to mind. Just keep in mind that others, or maybe even mods, might not be so lenient.