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I've learned over the years no one ever wants to know the same things about a person. Basics are my favorite color is purple and I love dragons. You will see those 2 themes throughout my channel whenever it's possible, lol. Another important thig, I am not an entertainer. I enjoy playing my games and socializing. I'll talk about most anything you like, or let you bend my ear if you need. Most time I love to have viewers join me if they care to play with me. My daughter and my mom live with me, and they don't care what I'm doing if they wanna talk to me. So yeah random disembodied non game talk happens with me *shrugs* Sometimes I'm playing with my daughter so she joins me in streaming. Those are the best days for me :)

So I'm not completely sure about a schedual yet as I'm just dipping my toes in here.

I do know that when I am on, it will be in the evenings generally at 7p PST.

I hope I will be figuring out more reliable days/times shortly.
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Rules are simple

Talk about what you like

I'm no stranger to sarcasm, crude jokes or innuendo ;)

for all that though, hatefulness is not allowed.

There is a difference between having a good joke and just being downright mean.

Know that difference and all is good in the world.
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