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My Youtube Channel :D
This is my youtube channel. I just post stuff I want to post, but that includes edits of my crochet streams! If you are interested in watching some of my streams in a cleaner, disaster-free zone, give it a looksie :)
streaming update: weeks 1/11 and 1/18
So for two weeks I will not be able to stream. Buuuuut I do think I can do silent streams. They wont be as educational, nor interesting, but just a chill stream where I make something and chat with you people in the chat. It would just be nice to keep the momentum going. I hope to see you then :D
I finished the penguin!
I'm sorry you all couldn't see the process of making the eyes and stuff, but at least I could show some things along the way. This is definitely my favorite creation yet, and trust me, it's just gonna get better from here >:D
a lil character
He's so wholesome :D

I plan to make another one but stream it so you all can see the process. if you're too late and the replays have disappeared don't worry!! I save replays on my YouTube channel, just check out my playlists and you'll find the DLive stream playlist :))
among us amigurumi for my friend :)
it's kind of had to see, especially with one angle
controller design >:D
the handles are a little wonky but it feels natural :D